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What's RSP?


Truphone was founded in 2006 with a mission to improve connectivity to mobile services where current cellular providers could not reach.

Since then, Truphone has transformed itself from an MVNO to become a tech company that builds smart technology that powers a truly global network through its own network infrastructure in London, New York, Amsterdam, Sydney, California and Hong Kong and partnerships with other operators all over the globe. Our self-built technology now serves over 3,500 multinational enterprises in 196 countries.


Full ownership of the entire eSIM ecosystem for future proof connectivity.

Truphone is the only provider that has developed & operates its own GSMA-compliant eSIM, remote SIM provisioning & Entitlements Server Platform. This means we are not reliant on third parties, enabling us to offer a secure, flexible, and independent service, and enabling you to harness the potential of emerging technologies.

Fastest growing, and now the third largest, Remote SIM Provisioning provider in the world.

The fantastic growth we saw in 2019 and onwards, is the culmination of years of investment and expertise in eSIM technology, making us the go-to provider for operators, OEMs and enterprises seeking complete eSIM support.

First technology provider to support eSIM technology when introduced on the iPhone.

Our partnership with Apple meant that Truphone had an app-based consumer eSIM solution, providing global connectivity, ready when the iPhone handsets were launched during Q4 2018. Our work with Google made Truphone one of the few providers that had an app for Android based OEMs.

Truphone has been proactively working with Mobile Operators to go beyond QR Code eSIM installation and enable the management of eSIM profile installation directly through the usage of Directory Services (i.e., Apple Lookup Server and GSMA SM-DS) or the Mobile Operator’s end user app for a seamless eSIM integration and unique user experience.

Fastest Entitlements Service deployment with Apple Watch Family Setup

Truphone anticipated the development of Apple watch Entitlements (i.e., Family Setup), and in record time prepared Entitlement Server in 8 countries for the official launch of the new Apple Watch Family Setup mode. Truphone’s commitment to lead the innovation of new services for eSIM devices, and the strategic partnership with major OEMs, ensures Mobile Operators can be ahead of the competition in implementing new eSIM services.