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To support operator time-to-market strategy efficiently, Truphone proposes Modular implementation to meet RFP project requirements.

Operator On-Boarding#

The proposed timings are based on Truphone’s experience in the implementation of eSIM services with Mobile Operators.

Phase 1: eSIM Consumer RSP (Interim System support) – Fast Deployment and Go-To Market with QR code support.

Phase 2: eSIM Consumer RSP Full deployment & Integration – Allowing to integrate with RSP APIs and support more use cases (Carrier App, SM-DS...)

This onboarding process is similar for an Operator to onboarding of a traditional SIM Manufacturer. The same SIM Lifecycle Management practices can be utilized, minimizing disruption to the Operator BSS environment as existing “physical” SIM procurement processes are mirrored for “digital” eSIM.

Profile Onboarding#

The On-Boarding of an Operator Profiles consists of 5 main activities:

  1. Definition of the eSIM Profile(s) for Operator

  2. eSIM Profile template development

  3. Establishment of a secure data exchange between Truphone and Operator

  4. Configuration and Provisioning of the first live operator subscriptions

  5. Live eSIM service testing and validation