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RSP Integration

Truphone Remote SIM provisioning platform supports to integrate the necessary interfaces (ES2 +,) with the necessary elements on Operator network (Entitlement Servers, IT backend system, BSS, OSS etc.), integrate with other components of Operator via ES2+/Web services (SOAP or RESTfull) in a stable and secure way.

The solution includes implementation of SM-DP(+), SM-DS, SM-SR all interfaces such as ES2+, ES2, ES4, ES2+ user interface and any auxiliary services such as API integration over ES2+ interface for profile management functions.

This interface is used by the operator to:

  • Order profiles
  • Receive notifications related to the profile lifecycle
  • Perform administrative functions, such as customer support, inventory management, shop management and day to day operations.

The integration with specific ES2+ functions is optional, and the necessity will depend on the overall solution.

The ES2+ interface operates over a secure connection as an HTTP/1.1 synchronous request/response protocol, defined in RFC 2626 over TLS v1.2, defined in RFC 5246, connection. The payload exchanged is JSON, as defined in RFC 7159, encoded and HTTP POST operations are used for sending requests. For the majority of operations, operators’ systems act as an HTTP client and Truphone’s Io3 RSP platform acts as an HTTP server however, for notifications, operators’ systems act as an HTTP server and Truphone’s RSP platform acts as an HTTP client.

The authentication of the sending and receiving parties during TLS connection establishment relies on TLS certificates for both operators’ systems and Truphone’s RSP platform. TLS is also exclusively relied upon for request/response integrity an confidentiality. Both TLS certificates will be incorporated to a X-509 certificate chain of trust and communicated to GSMA Policy Authority.

API callGSMA specTruphone Extended API
Download Order
Confirm Order
Release Profile
Cancel Order
Handle Download ProgressInfo
Eid Info
Profile Info
Profile Report
Advanced Notifications
Blacklist Management
Profile Template
Profile Provisioing
Bulk Operations