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Certification and Specifications#

  • Trusted platform GSMA SAS-SM Certified in Truphone’s sites in London, Amsterdam and Moscow

  • Interoperable based on latest GSMA specifications GSMA RSP 2.4 (SGP .21/22)

  • Carrier grade high-availability and scalable infrastructure with >= 99.95% availability and >=99% successful rate of profile download

  • Flexibility to support any type of devices

  • Simple to integrate with device manufacturing process or operating systems to make it easy for customers to connect their devices

  • In house developed platform with the flexibility to customize for the support of specific devices and use cases

  • Secure innovation platform. eSIM is not just about connectivity, but leveraging our Remote SIM provisioning + hardware based secure elements for credential provisioning to other services.

Key Differentiators#

Beyond GSMA specifications, Truphone Io3 RSP provides additional features and capabilities allowing easier eSIM adoption and Faster Go to Market:

  • Easy to integrate APIs
    • Device Blacklisting
    • Batch Service
    • Proprietary notifications
    • Profile type creation
    • Profile provisioning
  • Profile Management
    • Allowing MNO to track and manage Profile Configuration
  • Device Management
    • Allowing to adapt profile dynamically depending on device
    • Device reporting - Type, Brand & Model
  • New business Cases and distribution channel
    • Point of Sales UI
    • Carrier App
    • Entitlements
    • Geo-Redundancy